Music Manzanar CD Cover with Ragged Flag- Act 1

Refer to the synopsis under the song listing to follow the story line for Act 1.

Click any of the songs below to hear selections from Act 1 of the musical Manzanar!

 Song Title


 Thanksgiving - 1941
 Dreamtime Jingle / WHTE News
 Mr. Hitler (You Need to be Spanked)
 A Daydreaming Alligator's Lament
 Just Call Me Jack
 Unraveling (Part I)
 Oh, What a Bargain!
 Unraveling (Part II)
 Unraveled (Unraveling - Part III)
 Kaeru / This May Not Be Home
 (But It May Not Be That Bad)
Hey, Young Lady
 Lessons of the Human Heart
 A Conversation With Tayama
I Think We'll Get Along Just Fine
 Zen and the Art of Pinochle
 Our Secret Place
 Set Him Free!  (Chant for Harry)
 Going, Going, Jimmy is Gone
 A Mother's Lullaby
 Christmas - 1942
 Itchy Fingers / Lessons of the
 Human Heart (Reprise)




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“You’ve taken a challenging subject and have fashioned it into a compelling and original show. Throughout, the dialogue, book writing and structure are very good. I like the fact it took a while for Pearl Harbor to happen. When you got to it, because you spend time with this happy family, it landed for me in a way I didn’t anticipate. It was a gutsy choice that paid off for you. The music is very interesting and successful throughout. The blend of the pentatonic scale with American chords, its kind of Japanese but it’s kind of American. It was very successful!”

Stephen Schwartz 

(Wicked, Godspell, Pippin)DreamWorks/ASCAP Workshop in Los Angeles 

February 10, 2012