Many thanks to the following people for their talent and support to make MANZANAR a reality:

Tim Dang, Director of the East West Players; Victoria Gathe, Ace Baker of Invisible Hand Studios, Nancy Gohata, Kym Hoy-Lane, Michael Hagiwara, Marilyn Tokuda, Samuel Chen, Jason Fong, Ai Goeki, Denise Iketani, Kurt Kuniyoshi, Marc Macalintal, Brian Mulligan, Jenny Murano, Kathrine Nakano, Alexander Selma, Jenni Selma, George Takei, Earl Graham, Brian Patrick Mulligan and Katie Darcy, Ivan Wachler, Paul Norvell, Lily and Kiana Taguchi, Mieko Taguchi, Jane Taguchi, Michael and Virginia McCoy, Joe McCoy, Carla and Tad Spencer, Christell McCoy, Deric and Davina Samuel, Windy Williams, Michael Heady, Russell Lemorande, David Kirkpatrick, David Barnathan, Dan Matovina, James Beasley, Rick Gore and A. Chandler Warren.

Images of Manzanar reading at East West Players

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“You’ve taken a challenging subject and have fashioned it into a compelling and original show. Throughout, the dialogue, book writing and structure are very good. I like the fact it took a while for Pearl Harbor to happen. When you got to it, because you spend time with this happy family, it landed for me in a way I didn’t anticipate. It was a gutsy choice that paid off for you. The music is very interesting and successful throughout. The blend of the pentatonic scale with American chords, its kind of Japanese but it’s kind of American. It was very successful!”

Stephen Schwartz 

(Wicked, Godspell, Pippin)DreamWorks/ASCAP Workshop in Los Angeles 

February 10, 2012